Frequently Asked Questions


Unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible to transfer your data to another device, or restore it remotely. We are planning to address this issue in future games.
As with most downloadable software products, items bought through our games (in-app purchases) are generally non-refundable. In some special occasions there can be exceptions, however. The transaction process is controlled by Apple (for iOS devices) or Google (for Android devices), and both companies have support teams who handle refund requests.
For Apple (iOS) devices:
Visit Apple support and select the “Contact iTunes store support” link, then “Purchases, billing and redemption” and choose the option that fits you best.
For Google (Android) devices:
Visit Google support and perform a search, or use the ‘Contact us’ button on the page (English language site only) to reach a Google customer support representative by email or by phone.
Here at Eldring, we don’t process payments for in-app purchases, or have access to any of your credit card information. That’s because the payment transactions themselves are completed through Apple’s App Store or Google Play (depending on your device) via your personal email address associated with that account. Receipts for these transactions are emailed to you by Apple or Google after each purchase (though please note that any post-purchase processes are controlled by Apple or Google and are subject to change by them).
Yes! We’re working very hard on “Clear Vision: Online” and will reach worldwide launch soon. Learn more about it on our Blog.


I made an in-app purchase but didn’t receive the tokens!
Please send us an e-mail at with your order confirmation number and we’ll help you out!

I’m recieving tokens I haven’t paid for, will I get charged?
No, sometimes you receive free tokens in the game to help you along the way.

When is the update coming out?

We’re sorry but the update for Clear Vision 3 is on hold and we need to focus on our new game “Clear Vision: Online” coming in 2017. We’re a small studio and sometimes we need to prioritize a new game. We’re working very hard to give you many hours of fun with the new Clear Vision.

Where can I download the other Clear Vision games?
You can find them right here on our website under “Games“.

Will there be any more updates to Clear Vision 2?
Unfortunatelly no. But you can follow Tyler and the storyline in “Clear Vision 3”! Have fun!

No body asks questions about this game anymore 🙁

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