Infiltration mission, hostage situations and weapons!

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The new update is out! In this version I’ve made the following enhancements: Special Mission: Infiltration Hostage Situation 2 new rifles: The Olympic & Long Boi Increased level cap from 25 to 100 Rebalanced the game, increased difficulty slightly   Special Mission: Infiltration Infiltrate, don’t get discovered, get the briefcase and get the hell out of there!   Hostage Situations …

Clear Vision 4 v1.2.2

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Hello guys! v1.2.2 is live with the following enhancements: New rifle “The Swift” Replay mission dealers for double reward and challenge! Daily Bonuses Cut cost for upgrading weapon’s in half Increased weapon strength from The Hulk and onwards Minor bug fixes   Replay mission dealers with more rewards and challenge! After you’ve completed all missions that a guy has to …

Clear Vision 4 update

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Hello guys! We hope you’ve had a great holiday and a good start on 2019. We’ve just rolled out a new update for you! This is new: – Powerups – New weapon: The Safari – Safehouse – Performance/stability improvements – Updated to more classic looking icon More info below: Powerups Spotter: Helps calculate aiming Power bullet: 2x power Hold Steady: …

Merry Christmas!

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We hope you’ve been bad (ass) this year! Last updates of the year from us at Eldring: This month we’ve been focusing on adding powerups to Clear Vision 4 along other improvements. This update will be released beginning of next year. We’ve also been working hard on solving issues we’ve had with the game crashing in the background on iOS …

Clear Vision 4 development

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Me and the guys are working hard on the new update for Clear Vision 4. We’ve been focusing mainly on: – Leaderboards for iOS and Android – Score system – New Cutscene – New wanted mission – Bug fixes We plan to have this version ready by the end of next week! Stay tuned! Best, Dan

iPhone X update!

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Clear Vision 4 gets iPhone X support! The last couple of weeks we’ve been working very hard on our new update (v1.0.9). It features: – iPhone X support! – Haptic feedback for zooming and hitting enemies – Added new package: The Brutal Bundle – Added new cutscene – Increased difficulty midgame to endgame to give you more of a challenge. …

3 221 104 Headshots our first week!

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Thank you for your support! We’ve had around new 125 000 players since we officially launched a week ago. And so far there has been a LOT of shooting. 3 221 104 headshots have been recorded so far! We’re glad you’re enjoying the game and keep curving those bullets! – Eldring Team

Clear Vision Online news!

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We hit the frontpage guys! After our PG Connect visit CaffeinGaming got their eyes on our new game Clear Vision Online. Have a look at this article to get to know more about it!