The friday project

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Every friday after lunch we do whatever project we feel like doing that is not work-related. And David came up with this awesome idea to paint one of our office wall with a colossus from the “Shadow of the colossus”. We all gave him the nod of approval and David got started.

Ragdoll experimenting

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Today Kurt’s been experimenting the hell out of the ability to set up ragdoll physics. And he’s done a great job so far. We’re getting closer and closer to something that might be of use. Why would we want ragdoll you ask? Well I don’t know. Perhaps we’re making an awesome game, perhaps not. Stay tuned.

The guys have arrived

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The team has been observed in its natural habitat for the first time. They consist of 4 men in their best years. To the left we’ve got the man from far away, the man from the other side of the planet, Kurt “The Animator” Duane from beautifull New Zealand. Next up is the tallest of them all, some say that …