The guys have arrived

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The team has been observed in its natural habitat for the first time. They consist of 4 men in their best years. To the left we’ve got the man from far away, the man from the other side of the planet, Kurt “The Animator” Duane from beautifull New Zealand.

Next up is the tallest of them all, some say that he sees the world like “Neo” in “The Matrix”. He’s the main programmer that’s got a lust for baking and cracking unsolvable problems. Jakob “The Programmer” Höjer from Stockholm!

Then, we have the man with the strongest beard and the biggest wacom tablet we’ve ever seen. He uses the world as his canvas and still paints on walls with crayons. David “The Illustrator” Rubarth is the name to remember folks.

Last but not least. The man who writes these tacky notes. The man who created “Clear Vision”. Dan “The man with the plan” Erhard-Olsson.