Clear Vision 4 update

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Hello guys!

We hope you’ve had a great holiday and a good start on 2019. We’ve just rolled out a new update for you!

This is new:
– Powerups
– New weapon: The Safari
– Safehouse
– Performance/stability improvements
– Updated to more classic looking icon

More info below:

Spotter: Helps calculate aiming
Power bullet: 2x power
Hold Steady: Removes sway

New weapon: The Safari
The Strongest rifle so far. It is incredibly powerful. Its drawback is a slower firerate and magazin size. It’s perfect for those long distance missions.

We’re happy to give you your own safehouse. This is a place for you to land in between missions, fix your rifle and plan your next move.

Performance/stability improvements
We’re always trying to improve the performance of our game.

Updated to more classic looking icon
We decided to go for a more classic “Clear Vision Style” logo.

Thank you for your support! We’re working hard to make this your favorite game!

Best regards,