It’s snowing!

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This is what it looks like outside our office today. It’s been pouring down all night and day resulting in beautiful white chaos. #MadeInSweden

Clear Vision Online

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We are happy to announce what we’ve been working on for the past 7 months: CLEAR VISION ONLINE. Keep posted for more information about it either on our website or facebook page! RELEASE DATE: 2017

Building of a team

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Today we’ve been learning a bunch of teambuilding exercises with Sofia. It’s been both fun and exhausting and we’re all happy we did it. It will help us in the darkest hour of winter and when the going gets tough!

Shooting Practise

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If you’re a developer of shooting games, shouldn’t you know how to handle a gun properly? We thought so and went to a local shooting range in Stockholm to practice our aim and have a good time. Nobody was hurt during the shooting of this footage of shooting.

The friday project

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Every friday after lunch we do whatever project we feel like doing that is not work-related. And David came up with this awesome idea to paint one of our office wall with a colossus from the “Shadow of the colossus”. We all gave him the nod of approval and David got started.